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Whether you are looking to control light and privacy in your home or want a beautiful accent for your windows, Shades can be the perfect option! With a vast range of options, including high-quality Norman® shades and entirely custom options, Custom Window Treatments by Theresa has the expertise you need to create the perfect space inside your home.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades offer the traditional look, feel, and performance of conventional shades while offering additional practical benefits. Utilizing a unique construction, cellular shades trap a layer of air, creating an insulating barrier between your home and the outside. Your windows will lose less heat in the winter and keep that air-conditioned breeze inside your home in the summer.

There are more reasons to choose cellular shades from CW2T with the Portrait™ Cellular shades from Norman®. These cellular shades feature award-winning designs alongside a wide range of practical customization options. Choose from three opacities that range from sheer to completely room darkening. No matter what you are looking for, custom cellular shades offer a whole host of possibilities for creating the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Norman® Honeycomb Shades on a Patio Door and Window
Norman® Roman Shades on Bedroom Windows

Roman Shades

Roman shades combine the elegance of flowing fabrics with the simple operation of a traditional shade. When raised, Roman shades turns the material into a beautiful, pleated valance at the top of your window, allowing light to fill your home while your shades remain visible and attractive. When it is time to close the shade, the pleats straighten back out to cover the window, showing off their full array of fabric pattern colors and textures.

There are several kinds of Roman shades, including Relaxed, Double, Hobbled, or Flat, each with its unique look and feel. The practical options at CW2T, like premium fabrics, customization, motorization, and exclusive colors, make for the ultimate classy addition to any room. Give timeless appeal to your rooms with roman shades that never go out of fashion!

Roller Shades

If you are looking for convenient, minimalist shades, look no further than roller shades. These shades are feature-packed and come in any texture, pattern, or color of fabric you could wish for. With Soluna™ shades from Norman®, you can be sure that you bring beautiful quality into your home.

Soluna™ roller shades include technologies like their PrecisionLift™ cordless technology, which is not only child and pet safe but is incredibly convenient and makes your shades a breeze to operate. Also, these roller shades can be motorized for automatic operation or even have two different shades in one to have the most versatile shades. Add in CW2T’s expertise, and you have the perfect combination for installing gorgeous roller shades in your home.

Norman® Roller Shades on Expansive Windows in a Dining Room
Norman® Sheer Shades in a Seating Area

Sheer Shades

For the best in versatility, look no further than sheer shades from Norman®. Norman® PerfectSheer™ shades easily fit into any space- with their multiple fabric layers for the perfect opacity any time of day and their wide range of sophisticated styles. PerfectSheer™ uses advanced technology to weave together three layers of fabric for a robust window treatment with truly unique ambient light effects. These modern shades elevate your décor with their delicate interplay of light and shadow while providing all the necessary light and privacy control functions.

For those wide expanse sliding glass doors, Norman® SmartDrape™ shades is your choice. Made with an innovative individual vane design, these shades let you experience multiple opacities with a simple twist. When open, the sheer side of your shades shows its full range of delicate colors and patterns, and when closed, enjoy softly filtered light or comfortable darkness. Thanks to their unique construction, you can walk through the shades at any position, meaning you don’t have to constantly choose between having your shades open or closed.

Solar Shades

There is no better option than solar shades for those who need a window treatment to tone down harsh incoming light while keeping their view intact. This style of shade operates similarly to roller shades, consisting of a compact spool of material at the top of your window that smoothly rolls in either direction to raise or lower your window treatments. Whether you choose cordless, motorized, or prefer a continuous cord loop, we have the options for you. The difference comes in material design; solar shades are made with materials that allow light to pass through. There is a wide range of opacity or openness options available, so whether you need to soften light or block harsh glare, you can accomplish both with a gorgeous solar shade from CW2T.

solar shades

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