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Curtains and Soft Window Treatments

Whether you’re looking for a modern aesthetic or capturing more classic styles, soft window treatments can play a significant role in setting the mood for a room. There are so many different kinds of options available, from Roman Shades to draperies, and it can be hard to know exactly which one is the one you want. At CW2T, we offer a wide range of high-quality and custom fabric window treatments for every room in your home. We are sure that we have the products and expertise for everything you need.


Made from soft, flowing fabrics that diffuse light throughout your room, drapes can drastically change any room’s aesthetics. From calm and regal to bright and playful, drapes can create any feeling you want. Especially when combined with the expert knowledge from those here at CW2T, we are sure to be able to make the drapes of your dreams! We offer a vast array of fabrics and the ability to do custom and COM (Customer’s material) fabrics. There is a drape option that will fit in any room of your house.

CW2T offers many high-quality products from Norman®, including their SmartDrape™. These drapes offer award-winning design in their unique individual vane construction, allowing for multiple built opacities in one shade! With one twist, the shades can ‘open’ and ‘close’ between two different fabrics to adjust the light level for the perfect amount of brightness and privacy. Or, for those looking for a unique and high-tech solution to managing light through your windows, the PerfectSheer™ line from Norman® combines a banded, layered shade with a sheer fabric vane for a sleek and modern effect.

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Roman Shades

Roman shades combine the elegance of flowing fabrics with the simple operation of a traditional shade and offer a luxurious yet modern shade for your home. Raising the Roman shades turns the material into a beautiful, pleated valance at the top of your window. Light can fill your home while your shades remain visible and attractive. Then when it is time to close the shade, the pleats straighten back out to cover the window, showing off their full array of fabric pattern colors and textures.

There are several kinds of Roman shades, including Relaxed, Double, Hobbled, or Flat. Each style has its unique look and feels. The practical options at CW2T, like premium fabrics, customization, motorization, and exclusive colors, make for the ultimate classy addition to any room. Give timeless appeal to your rooms with roman shades that never go out of fashion!


If you want to hide the metal hardware at the top of your window or add some extra flair to your windows, then a window valance is the perfect treatment option! These fabric accents top off your window treatments and compliment your windows. They are made from a wide range of in-stock fabrics or can even be made from COM fabrics. We offer several valances, including Rod Pocket Valances, Swag and Cascade Valances, and Kingstone Valances.

Rod Pocket Valances are standalone and straightforward; they offer various uses. Swag and Cascade Valances provide a graceful and flowing fabric to soften the look and feel of a room. Kingston Valances are great accent pieces for doors and windows that you want to pop. Valances are great options for creating a unique, dimensional look.

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2 arched side cornices to cover side panels scaled


For the accent to add a bit of class or dimension to a room, Cornices offer a fantastic option for customizing a room. Cornices are made from wooden boards, molded into a specific shape, wrapped in the fabric of your choice, and then mounted above a window frame. They add a dimensional feeling to any window while also allowing you another vector in which to customize your room.

To add architectural appeal to any room, contact us here at CW2T. Our window experts can help you with any questions or customization to ensure you get the perfect customized cornice.

Headboards and Bedding

One aspect of the bedroom that often gets tragically overlooked is the headboard. Headboards are one of the easiest ways to customize your bedroom. They can be made from many materials, styles, and colors to make any bedroom feel the way you want. Headboards also have some practical benefits, including that it keeps things from falling off your bed, give you head and back support, and make using your bed more comfortable. Alongside custom-designed and made bedding, you will have the classiest and most comfortable bedroom you have ever had.

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Get Soft Window Treatments Today

We are dedicated to your satisfaction! For us to best, advise you, all of our custom window treatment designs require an in-home or business consultation. To schedule your consultation, please call or text us at (813) 388-0611, email us at, or request a client call on our website here.