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Soft Window Treatments
in Tampa, FL

These will enhance décor and help control light to give your surroundings a gorgeous appeal. Impress anyone who walks into your home with curtains and draperies that balance design and functionality. We can help you choose colors, fabrics, and designs that bring finesse to your rooms.

Redefining Spaces With Soft Window Treatments

Choose from bold colors to calming neutrals draperies that elevate the style of your room. They are the easiest window treatments that are impressively functional. We help you create a classic design by offering you:

  • drapery
  • curtains
  • valances
  • upholstered cornices

Get help from professionals to choose fabrics and textures that add depth and give your home a clean and crisp look. All our soft window treatments are meant to complement your home décor so let your imagination loose so that we can help you achieve the look you envision for your home.

Curtains and Soft Window Treatments

Curtains and soft window treatments are the ultimate way to transform light in any room. Luxurious fabric, combined with expert design and craftsmanship, creates the ultimate window treatment for any window. Custom window treatments from CW2T are available in a wide range of materials and styles, and we are even able to use fabric from the customer. No matter the kind of room or window, custom soft window treatments from CW2T will provide the perfect fit.

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