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Of the many options available for window treatments, there is no other like plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are wooden shutters placed on the inside of your windows and are one of the most versatile window treatment options available. Crafted to fit any window, they come in many colors and materials to fit any lifestyle or budget.

Norman® Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters have many benefits, especially when choosing from the premier Norman® catalog. Norman® Plantation Shutters are the best in the industry, known for their superior product design and craftsmanship.

Woodlore® Shutters

If you want the look and feel of wooden shutters without environmental or maintenance concerns, then the Woodlore® Shutters are the best match for you. All hardwood from Norman® is sustainably sourced, but the Woodlore® Shutters are made from an eco-friendly wood composite material that can use up to 95% of the tree- much more efficient than traditional materials.

This composite wood core is coated in a medical-grade, UV and stain-resistant polypropylene coating, which will keep your shutters from yellowing, cracking, or fading in most environments. Woodlore® shutters exceed even the most stringent international safety standards.

Norman® Woodlore® Shutters, Plantation Shutters, near South Tampa, Florida (FL)
Norman® Woodlore® Plus, Plantation Shutters, near South Tampa, Florida (FL)

Woodlore® Plus Shutters

For the windows that require a little more work to deal with, Norman® offers their Woodlore® Plus line of shutters. These shutters provide customization options for size, shape, and color. Whether the window is shaped like a triangle, a sunburst, or a circle, we can fit it for a shutter. In addition, no matter the design of your decor, these shutters come in a massive range of standard colors and even come with a custom color option to ensure that perfect match.

Alongside their exterior beauty, Woodlore® Plus Shutters come with a superior internal design and high-quality materials. Constructed from lightweight and durable ABS, the shutter’s louvers are reinforced with a hidden structural support system inspired by aircraft wing spars. The Woodlore® Plus plantation shutters are the shutter choice for anyone who wants a highly durable and versatile shutter.

Normandy® Shutters

Plantation Shutters are made from dense, high-quality materials. From hardwoods to high-tech composite materials, shutters use superior quality materials to create a sturdy, long-lasting, and beautiful window treatment. This is especially true for the Normandy® shutters. These plantation shutters use Paulownia hardwood, a wood with luxurious wood grain and elegant character alongside its excellent strength, to make all of its stained shutters.

The wood is dried in a patented Prescription Wood Conditioning® technique to ensure no warping, shrinking, or swelling of the wood pieces. Furthermore, all Normandy® shutters are made of prescription wood conditioned for their fantastic durability and have the best strength-to-weight ratios in all shutters. When looking for truly exceptional stained shutters, Normandy® shutters are the choice for any home.

Norman® Ultra Shutters

For the best in design ideology, material selection, construction quality, and overall satisfaction, the Norman® Ultra Shutters are the only choice. These flagship plantation shutters culminate years of Norman®’s innovation and craftsmanship in creating the ultimate shutter. 30% more wood goes into constructing these shutters to ensure that they are the biggest, strongest, and most robust shutters available.

That wood undergoes a patented wood drying process to protect its perfect shape before being assembled with super robust mortise & tenon joints to ensure a fit that will last an entire lifetime. Norman® Ultra Shutters can be customized for any color and to fit any window, making these window treatments the ultimate choice for plantation shutters.

Norman® Norman® Ultra Shutters, Plantation Shutters, near South Tampa, Florida (FL)
Norman® PerfectTilt™ G4, Plantation shutters, near South Tampa, Florida (FL)

PerfectTilt™ G4

Shutters excel at controlling the light level in a room, particularly in very sunny locations. Their solid construction from opaque materials blocks nearly 100% of light when fully closed and lets it back in once they are opened. On windows, big or small, shutters fit perfectly to ensure that light flows into your room just the way you want it. To ensure that you have even greater control over the light from your shutters, Norman® offers the PerfectTilt™ G4 system with all wooden shutters. Open and close them remotely, on a schedule, or even by hand; the PerfectTilt™ G4 system gives you pinpoint control over your shutters’ positioning at any time.

Plantation Shutters at Custom Window Treatments by Theresa

Plantation shutters are quickly growing to be among the most popular window treatments in Florida and the US. Stay ahead of the trend by introducing long-lasting and gorgeous shutters to your home.

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