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When introducing light control to your home, there’s no better choice than blinds. Our blinds are built to ensure you have precise command over the lighting in every room and the views through your windows. Blinds come in such a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures, and operating systems that there is an option for every home.

Here at Custom Windows Treatments by Theresa, we offer custom-made options from industry-leading retailers like Norman® – No matter what size/shape of window you’re looking to cover, we’ll have you covered.

Wood Blinds

For those aiming for a natural look and sustainable materials, there is no need to look any further than wooden blinds. Wooden blinds from Norman® are made from high-quality, conditioned wood harvested from specific forests to ensure sustainability. These ‘miracle’ forests rejuvenate every seven years after the harvest and are the source of Norman® premium Phoenix wood. This hardwood is exquisitely ground and durable while remaining environmentally friendly.

Norman® SmartPrivacy® Normandy blinds are made from such wood. Unlike traditional blinds that contain route holes in the middle of the slats, Norman® SmartPrivacy® blinds are designed to have the route hole placed at the back of the slat. This minimizes light leakage into your room and ensures you have the exact control you want. In addition, SmartPrivacy® blinds close tighter and more consistently than the average blind, and they’re even designed so that the slats won’t fall out or become misaligned. Whether open to enjoy the view or closed to block light, Norman® blinds are created to be a gorgeous statement in your home.

Norman® SmartPrivacy® Normandy Hardwood blinds near South Tampa, Florida (FL)
Norman® SmartPrivacy® faux wood blinds near South Tampa, Florida (FL)

Faux Wood Blinds

Norman® also has several lines of beautifully crafted, sturdy faux wood blinds. Maintain the aesthetic and texture of natural hardwood without the annoying upkeep.

SmartPrivacy® faux wood blinds from Norman® have all the privacy and light control technology built into a natural wood blind with the addition of UV-resistant, moisture resistant, and beautiful composite material. Fabricated with the high standards of every Norman® Product, SmartPrivacy® blinds offer a tight and consistent slat rotation. The slats are secured so they won’t fall out or become misaligned, and the bottom rail stays even during raising and lowering. These blinds are especially ideal for any high-traffic area in your home.

For the pinnacle of light control and privacy, plus cordless operation, the Norman® Ultimate™ faux wood blinds are the choice for you. This collection includes innovative features, such as the exclusive pivoting bottom rail and the award-winning patented SmartPrivacy® technology. The Norman® ultimate blinds have been manufactured to offer the tightest closure in the market and the best cordless operating system available.

With Ultimate™ Faux wood blinds from Norman®, experience enhanced room darkening with cordless operation and extra durability, convenience, and privacy.

Lastly, the composite materials used in Norman® products mean that all faux wood blinds are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, keeping your home looking fresh for longer.

Vertical Blinds

A classic design for those very tall Windows, vertical blinds have been a standby in many homes for decades. Norman® reinvented the vertical blind for the Modern Age, adding a whole new host of design features for the utmost convenience and comfort.

The Synchrony™ vertical blinds from Norman® offer extra durability against scuffs and dents, making them a good choice for any room in the home. Slats are effortlessly rotated with a twist of the wand, providing tighter closure for enhanced light and privacy control. The cordless design has been certified “Best for Kids™”; free from pull cords or any strings that could be a strangulation risk for children and pets. With the quality that Norman® always brings,, Synchrony™ represents the pinnacle of vertical blind construction, made for the demands of the modern home.

Norman® Synchrony™ Vertical Blinds near South Tampa, Florida (FL)

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