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Custom Window Shutters
in Tampa, FL

Look through the different shutters by design in our gallery section to sift out your perfect window shutters that serve as a standout feature in your home. The exquisite scene of the light pouring through the shutters will make you fall in love with your windows every time! You can even find child-friendly designs that are easy to clean and come with special coatings that preserve the beauty of the shutters.

We Enhance The Spaces That Define Your Lifestyle

Let’s build comfortable and efficient homes with hard window treatments that add value and aesthetics to every room in the house. Pick out any window treatment of your choice that can fulfill the different interior décor goals of every room. Windows have a powerful impact on the look and feel of your home. They set the tone and vibe of a space. CW2T, therefore, brings you amazing shutters, blinds, and shades that will bring both functionality and value.


The solar rollers are made of a unique material that helps filter UV light and reduce glare without blocking your view. You can easily roll them up to the desired level. They are different from blinds and are made of a single piece of fabric. They have a calming effect on a room that makes them perfect for your offices or study rooms.

Choose these sleek and simple window coverings that offer:

  • a modern design
  • even distribution of light
  • reduction of glare
  • blockage of UV rays
  • energy savings
  • privacy

CW2T has many colors, styles, and shades from which you can choose ones that match the existing décor of your home or office.


From woven wood to pleated shades, Custom Window Treatments by Theresa offers you a stunning collection that will transform any room instantly. You can find a complete line of cellular and woven shades and an exclusive choice of allure transitional shades in all contemporary prints and colors.

Find The Perfect Coverings For Your Window At CW2T

If you want quality window treatments, you better head to the pros! With Custom WindowTreatments by Theresa, you can give a complete look to every room in your home. Get high-quality custom window treatments with attention to every minute detail.

Light up your surroundings with the perfect hard window treatment for your home to make it more inviting and pleasing to every eye that falls on it!


Classic and traditional, Blinds from Norman® are custom made every time for windows of all sizes and shapes. Norman® wood blinds are crafted with cut-to-perfection hardwood for a gorgeous touch of nature in your home. Norman® faux wood blinds are designed so well that you can hardly tell a difference between them and natural hardwood; Plus, you get the added benefit of long-term durability that comes from man-made materials. Our collections of Norman® blinds come in various colors, finishes, and styles, so you’re guaranteed to find the right look for your home.

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Norman® SmartPrivacy® faux wood blinds near South Tampa, Florida (FL)
Norman® PerfectTilt™ G4, Plantation shutters, near South Tampa, Florida (FL)


Elegant and versatile, Shutters from Norman® are designed to fit any window, no matter the size or shape. Made from premium, environmentally friendly materials, every part of each Norman® shutter undergoes a conditioning and inspection process to ensure that everything fits together perfectly. Made to last a lifetime, Norman® Shutters are available in a wide array of finishes, colors, and styles to accentuate and elevate any home’s decor.

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