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About Theresa

From childhood I always knew I had a unique flair and creative vision. I was involved in the creative arts from Dance to Drama to Design in any which way I could get my hands on it. I went to college at Buffalo State University and received my bachelors of Science in Fashion Design. That is what they put it under because fashion Design is highly creative yet extremely technical and we use a lot of technical software such as pattern making programs as well as the creative Photoshop and illustrator suites, in the field.


I wasn’t quite yet satiated in my yearning to know all I could about creating beautiful things so I added Graphic Design to my artistic palette then went on for my Masters in Fashion Design at the Academy of Arts. As all creative people know, there is one way we are all similar- Our need to know “How things work” So I found myself venturing into Interior Design and found a lot of satisfaction in creating beautiful living spaces for folks who needed some direction with what can be perplexing issues. I then, found that there are so many wonderful types of window treatments that can solve any kind of household or commercial need. It is always such a great feeling to work closely with clients to share the vision of their home, through shared eyes. I like to guide them in their most perfect vision- to accentuate and elevate what they like and gravitate towards “their Beautiful Vision – keeping with current trends.”

custom pinch pleat draperies on a decorative rod layered over shutters scaled
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Conversations with Theresa Lorenti-Salerno

Today we’d like to introduce you to Theresa Lorenti-Salerno.

Hi Theresa, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
My background is in fashion design. I was previously a sportwear designer before I wound up in the wonderful world of custom window treatments. I’ve always loved home design so delved in that for a while. During that time, I truly found where my heart is. I believe you just know when it’s your calling. I sure did at that. It allowed me the freedom to meet with clients on a daily basis from businesses to residential clients. I listen to the clients’ needs and create a beautiful solution keeping their spaces aesthetics in mind. As a trained fashion designer, I call Custom window treatments the Couture of window spaces, verses store-bought ready-made treatments. Once you have custom treatments in your home you really can’t go back to anything else. Just like a Prada Heel over nine west.